About Us

Becoming the New York City Favorite

Our customers wanted us to offer more products. So, we listened! We diversified our selection and included books and electronics. These were huge hits. Our volume increased manifold. After valuables, books, and electronics, we entered fashion. We started buying and selling handbags and sneakers.

Astoria Panwshop became a New York City favorite and the rest, as they say, is history. Over the years, we have seen upward growth and we have our customers to thank for it. It is this continued support that today we have opened another store in the area.

Simple for Sellers

We keep the buying process super simple. When an individual wishes to sell us an item, all we need from them is a valid ID to ascertain that they are 18+ and a proof of the ownership of the item they are selling.

We don’t quote a price on phone because we need to authenticate the products first. But, if we get enough information through images on text or email, we do provide a ballpark figure.

Attractive for Buyers

We take great care of the items we buy. We ensure they are not stolen and the experts in our team make sure that the product is of good quality and is bought at a good price. We verify and authenticate for our buyers.

So, when a buyer steps in, they are often not able to believe the price tag they see. For the quality we offer, we are the best value available out there in the market.