Selling Goods in New York Made Safe and Simple.

With a decade worth of experience in buying and selling, we are the specialists when it comes everything from Designer Handbags, Sneakers, Watches to Gold, Diamonds, and Jewelry.

We keep the buying process super simple. When an individual wishes to sell us an item, all we need from them is a valid ID to ascertain that they are 18+ and a proof of the ownership of the item they are selling. We don’t quote a price on phone because we need to authenticate the products first. But, if we get enough information through images on text or email, we do provide a ballpark figure.

Excellent place, Alena gave us a great price when we sold a YSL bag, got cash very quickly, extremely happy with the deal! Will be sure to come back again.

Semir Nikocevic / Google

Wow, Great customer service! We needed a community pawn shop in the neighborhood and finally got one. I look forward to purchase some gifts for the upcoming holidays! Thank you again for cashing me out for all of the gold I brought in!

Daniel Suyunov / Google

Very nice place with cool items and clothing, I know this is where I Will be selling my high end items again!

Rudolf Suyunov

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